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Developing a New “Service-Centric IT Value Chain”

As IT professionals we have been overwhelmed with different standards for each component of architecture, service delivery, governance, security, and operations.  Not only does IT need to ensure technical training and certification, but it is also desired to pursue certifications in ITIL, TOGAF, COBIT, PMP, and a variety of other frameworks – at a high cost in both time and money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an IT framework or reference architecture which brings all the important components of each standard or recommendation into a single model which focuses on the most important aspect of each existing model? The Open Group is well-known for publishing TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), in addition to a variety of other standards and frameworks related to Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), security, risk, and cloud computing.  In the past few years... (more)

Testing SOA Solutions

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been discussed as an important architectural style for the last few years. Organizations have started to develop service-oriented solutions and many are now leveraging services in their production environments. SOA introduces new technical complexities and challenges and makes testing a critical component of the development lifecycle. Teams need to think about: How do you know if the solution is ready? How do you know that it will scale to accommodate future needs? How do you know that you can actually get the business flexibility that SOA promises? These are all questions testing should answer, but many test teams aren't experienced yet in testing service-oriented solutions. This article contains a set of recommendations, with a rationale, that will help you to mitigate the issues that arise in testing an SOA solution. The re... (more)

iTKO LISA to Exhibit at SYS-CON's SOA World and Virtualization Conference & Expo

SYS-CON Events announced today that the leading global SOA and virtualization technology provider iTKO to exhibit at SYS-CON's upcoming SOA World Conference & Expo 2008 West, colocated with the 4th International Virtualization Conference & Expo, (www.virtualizationconference.com), which will take place November 19-21, 2008, at the Fairmont Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California. iTKO's LISA SOA Testing, Validation & Virtualization solutions mitigate the business risk of change and complexity in enterprise IT environments, while increasing trust across teams and shared technology assets. LISA's Complete, Collaborative and Continuous quality coverage provides validation of every component of SOA workflows throughout their lifecycle, from web apps, to web services, databases, messaging layers, legacy objects and application servers. Developer... (more)

Randy Heffner from Forrester on Policy-based SOA

SOA in the Cloud Expo Randy Heffner from Forrester has posted on ZDNet about how "Policy-based SOA will enable increased business value and agility". He does a great job of explaining how a Policy-based SOA affects different users. Firstly, there is the person designing the policy. As Randy says, the policy is defined "using the SOA product’s administration tool" (ie. not by writing code), and he goes on to say that "the important point here is that the policy is declared separately from the service, allowing it to change without changing the service itself". So, the policy is designed (as opposed to not coded) and then applied to services. This is preferable to burying policy details in with business logic, because, as Randy says, "If the policy is buried in the service implementation, the only definitive way to determine the active policy is to look at the code". T... (more)

Does Cloud Computing Exacerbate Security and File Transfer Issues?

SOA Security at Cloud Expo Here is an interesting article by Rob Barry titled: "In SOA, cloud resources may exacerbate security and file transfers issues." It highlights significant requirements for Federated SOA especially around large file transfer using SOAP Attachments. The article makes the following interesting points: With increasing cloud adoption, there is an increase of large file transfers to external cloud providers such as Amazon S3 or Rackspace CloudFiles or to a company's internally hosted cloud.  The file size increase is driven by the a low-hanging use case for S3 and CloudFiles:  securely archiving rarely used corporate data in the cloud.  The result of such archiving of batch data is an ever-growing file transfer over HTTP as a MIME of MTOM attachments.  Consider the opposite scenario:  if the data is real-time the transaction rate is higher but t... (more)

Web Services Company Solstice Joins Infravio-Led SOA Link

Solstice Software has joined SOA Link, a new multi-vendor SOA governance and interoperability initiative established in May. Solstice will support SOA Link's mission by jointly identifying governance and testing use cases with the other SOA Link members. Solstice Software provides Solstice Integra Suite, an automated end-to-end integration and SOA testing tool for large, complex systems. Integra Suite reduces the time, cost, and complexity of SOA and Web services testing, validates the functionality of IT systems, and better aligns them to business processes and objectives-a key goal of lifecycle governance. "With SOA Link, we see the convergence and alignment of registry and change management, with high-quality integration and SOA testing initiatives," says Chris Benedetto, vice president of marketing for Solstice Software. "SOA is a new way of creating business valu... (more)

SOA World Editorial — Getting on the Grid

One of the most interesting aspects of being a consultant is that I get exposed to any number of different facets of system design in the course of an assignment. While I tend to focus more on application and integration work, I find it fascinating to deal with the concepts of services in the context of infrastructure. In the past, I've been called upon to design Service-Oriented Infrastructures (SOI) - the hardware and platform software, along with customizations for the needs of the actual deployment environment - instead of creating an application architecture. SOI is really a different way of looking at the concept of services - from the viewpoint of the operational staff. Most of the time, we tend to view services from a line of business or at the very least an application development perspective. There's nothing wrong with viewing SOA this way - it's very impo... (more)

Mindreef Nominated for Best SOA Tool By SOAWorld Magazine's "Readers' Choices Awards"

Mindreef provides integrated software solutions that help organizations ensure trust, confidence and agility in their quality-driven SOA deployments. SOAPscope Developer helps developers successfully build, test, and deliver services and SOAs by reducing the complexity of XML, and by making compliance checking and unit testing accessible earlier in the lifecycle and easier to accomplish. SOAPScope Developer improves productivity by simplifying and automating tedious and time-consuming XML-oriented tasks, and improves service quality across areas that include: Problem Solving Testing Supporting Service Users Using Services SOAWorld Magazine’s “SOA World Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards” SOA World Magazine announced that nominations are now open for the SOA World Magazine Readers' Choice Awards, which recognize excellence in the software, solutions, or services provided by... (more)

Are AJAX, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and SOA Related?

Server virtualization provides an immediate reduction in hardware and configuration cost. But in focusing merely on the hardware side of virtualization, are we leaving money on the table?  While organizations can reduce the number of boxes they need, and save the cost of replicating servers for virtual test beds, these servers are becoming commodities. What if we could apply the benefits of virtualization where we spend 80 percent or more of the IT budget - in the key enterprise software that runs our business and in the extensive development, support and maintenance costs of these applications? Today's leading businesses rely on a mix of distributed technologies and new functionality, such as service-oriented architecture (SOA). Virtualization can improve the quality and time-to-market for these systems. But how can teams virtualize to improve the quality and time-t... (more)

ESB Testing Strategies with Mule

To be able to do anything useful, an ESB must be configured with all sorts of parameters, from endpoint connection URIs to message transformation scripts to content-based routing definitions. Moreover, ESBs like Mule can host custom components, which will process messages and perform user-specific actions on them. Deploying a new version of an ESB configuration raises the question of whether it will break anything. How can we build confidence that everything will be just fine? If unit testing did it for standard software development, what can it do in the realm of the ESB? Since ESBs are becoming increasingly familiar in corporate IT, getting concrete answers is of interest to more and more people. This article details the testing strategies I employ for Mule ESB-driven projects, which I think contain elements that could be generalized to other platforms. I am cer... (more)