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XML Security at Cloud Expo OWASP AppSec DC 2009 had a compelling session that defined cloud taxonomies and the security implications associated with the cloud computing. The three taxonomies that have become part of our vernacular are: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Set of virtualized components that can be assembled to build a application.  Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Opsource, and GoGrid are examples of IaaS where you can rent "virtual" hardware and software as a "pay-as-you-go" services.  If you need 5 Linux servers running MySQL Database for 3 months, you'd subscribe to an IaaS provider and using their REST or Web service-based API (or command line if you're too cool) to provision, de-provision and monitor your instance. Platform as a Service (PaaS): A runtime environment for application developer to deploy their applications in their desired programming environm... (more)

What Is SOA and Service-Oriented Virtualization?

Server virtualization provides an immediate reduction in hardware and configuration cost. But in focusing merely on the hardware side of virtualization, are we leaving money on the table? While organizations can reduce the number of boxes they need, and save the cost of replicating servers for virtual test beds, these servers are becoming commodities. What if we could apply the benefits of virtualization where we spend 80 percent or more of the IT budget – in the key enterprise software that runs our business and in the extensive development, support and maintenance costs of these applications? Today’s leading businesses rely on a mix of distributed technologies and new functionality, such as service-oriented architecture (SOA). Virtualization can improve the quality and time-to-market for these systems. But how can teams virtualize to improve the quality... (more)

XML Gateway: Best Practices, Requirements and Deployment Strategies

XML Gateways are a great IT component for managing information flow between your enterprise and your trading partners. They provide the required functionality, such as: Identity bridging (e.g., from HTTP Basic Auth to SAML) Transport mediation (e.g., between HTTP and MQ Series) Protocol and content based security (e.g., HTTPS, WS-Signatures, WS-Encryption) Message inspection (e.g., for SQL Injection, Viruses, and other malware) Interface Virtualization Transformation, Schema Validation Such functions make is easy and cost effective for enterprises to integrate with their trading partners is a secure manner. Here's a good article for best practices using XML-Gateways. ... (more)

API Security: OWASP 2017 RC1 Gets It Right | @CloudExpo #API #SOA #Microservices

API Security has finally entered our security zeitgeist. OWASP Top 10 2017 - RC1 recognized API Security as a first class citizen by adding it as number 10, or A-10 on its list of web application vulnerabilities. We believe this is just the start. The attack surface area offered by API is orders or magnitude larger than any other attack surface area. Consider the fact the APIs expose cloud services, internal databases, application and even legacy mainframes over the internet. What could go wrong? API Security has been added to OWASP Top 10 2017 - RC1. This is a commendable step taken by the web application security thought leaders and is a clear indication of where the industry is heading. Security professionals have all the tools and awareness to fence in applications, databases and legacy systems through firewalls. OWASP has served the security professionals well... (more)

Solstice Software Expands Testing Validation Support for SOA Web Services Projects

Solstice Software, specialized in behind-the-screens message testing, announced the availability of Integra Enterprise 5.0, the company’s enterprise-class integration testing suite. The latest version of Integra Enterprise provides process-level visibility and validation, enhanced security testing, and expanded support for industry leading enterprise protocols. "The combined top level support, service-level enhancements, and expanded message-level support provide an unprecedented end-to-end view for testing integration," according to the company. The ability to quickly diagnose — at a component level — where in a process an error exists, provides dramatic time savings in SOA testing. By giving control of this view to testers and business users who understand the logic, Integra Enterprise enables testing teams to effectively validate SOA and integra... (more)

Parasoft SOAtest Wins Best SOA Testing Tool as Part of SYS-CON Readers' Choice Awards

Parasoft Corporation, the leading provider of automated error prevention solutions for software development, announced today that SOAtest, the industry gold standard for ensuring secure, reliable, and compliant Service Oriented Architectures, has won SYS-CON Readers' Choice Award. SYS-CON announced the winners on January 16, 2006. "This award reflects the clear leadership enjoyed in 2005 by Parasoft Corporation with SOAtest in the Best SOA Testing Tool space," said SYS-CON Group Publisher & Editorial Director Jeremy Geelan. "We are very proud of SOA Web Services Journal's proactive role in helping to facilitate this community-driven process and congratulate Parasoft Corporation and its product team on all the work that underlies the winning of this prestigious award." Parasoft SOAtest is a comprehensive, collaborative automated test tool suite designed specifically... (more)

SYS-CON.TV: SOA Testing with Wayne Ariola of Parasoft

... (more)

ChoicePay: Rising above the SOA Testing Challenge

ChoicePay has embarked on a strategic Web Services-based SOA initiative as part of its ongoing effort to improve customer and partner service. To meet its service improvement objectives, ChoicePay builds reliable and robust Web Services. It continues to enhance its service objectives without compromising overall quality through short, iterative, and demanding Web Services testing cycles. Background ChoicePay handles electronic bill payments for some of America's largest companies. Starting operations in 1996, it was a pioneer in the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) industry and is recognized today as providing one of the most comprehensive suites of payment channels and options in its class. ChoicePay's adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) stems from its continuous effort to improve service for its clients. One of the many SOA-based Web Se... (more)

iTKO's LISA WS-Testing Surpasses 1,000th Download

iTKO, a provider of automated testing solutions for SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) software,announced it has surpassed the 1,000th free download of its LISA WS-Testing, a fully functional Web Services testing solution. The free LISA WS-Testing download is available at www.itko.com/ws-testing. SOA quality requires a complete, continuous, and collaborative focus across the entire SOA lifecycle. While Web Services testing continues to be an important part of the SOA quality puzzle, it is only the starting point. By offering LISA WS-Testing as a free download, iTKO is helping development teams to get started on incorporating quality early into SOA Lifecycle Governance. "In just over a month, 1000 development and quality professionals have downloaded LISA WS-Testing for their Web Services needs," said Jim Mackay, chief marketing officer, iTKO, Inc. "The user feedback ... (more)

SOA World Editorial — Getting on the Grid

One of the most interesting aspects of being a consultant is that I get exposed to any number of different facets of system design in the course of an assignment. While I tend to focus more on application and integration work, I find it fascinating to deal with the concepts of services in the context of infrastructure. In the past, I've been called upon to design Service-Oriented Infrastructures (SOI) - the hardware and platform software, along with customizations for the needs of the actual deployment environment - instead of creating an application architecture. SOI is really a different way of looking at the concept of services - from the viewpoint of the operational staff. Most of the time, we tend to view services from a line of business or at the very least an application development perspective. There's nothing wrong with viewing SOA this way - it's very impo... (more)

SOA Technology Leader iTKO To Exhibit at SOA World Conference & Expo

SYS-CON Events announced today that iTKO to exhibit at the upcoming SOA World Conference & Expo 2007 East, June 25-27, 2007 in New York City. iTKO, Inc. offers the most complete software suite for testing Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), allowing multiple business technology layers to be exercised within a single test case. iTKO's mission is to allow everyone involved in IT to own Complete, Collaborative, and Continuous TM software quality, from development, to QA and business analysts. iTKO LISA Complete SOA Testing Platform system performs unit, functional, regression, load and performance tests, without requiring test coding or script maintenance, saving up to 80% of the cost of testing over the course of six months. For dynamic web applications, web services, J2EE, .NET, Java objects, JMS/messaging, databases, and many more technologies, LISA provides live ... (more)